Posted on Jun 28, 2022

I like emojis a lot. 😁🥳🥰 <= Yup!

Digital drawing with Procreate, writing quality articles, and building websites with Hugo give me good energy. 😁

I’m a:
gamer (pc platform),
movie buff,
and pluviophile.

I like reading historical fiction and self-development books,
and have an unusual curiosity about most concepts, ideas, and things I come across.

I feature my art on Instagram. <= Click and look. No pressure. 😂

I’m glad you’re reading this.

This website that I built (with Hugo and GitHub 🙏🏼) is where I share with you what interests me most.

I write about stuff that interests me.
I create the original illustrations you see in my articles.

My content informs, inspires, teaches, or entertains, at least in a small way. 🤗

I hope you enjoy my site and the unique content I make.

Thank you for sharing my content with your family and friends 💖❗